6 reasons expats use TransferWise to send money

There are substantially dozens of services accessible for transfering income overseas. Expats infrequently learn a tough approach that they’re not combined equal. Big banks competence take a cube out a sum while loitering a payment, and other services competence have dark fees or astonishing send sell rates.

Of march everybody has their personal preferences, though here are only a few reasons since so many expats are selecting TransferWise for promulgation income abroad or behind home.

1. It’s safe

TransferWise is no newbie to a income send game. It was launched in 2011 and has warranted a clinging following given then.

But some-more importantly, TransferWise is regulated by a Financial Conduct Authority – definition it verifies a users and protects we opposite rascal and income laundering. It has a confidence of a large bank – though but being a large bank.

2. It’s fast

These days it takes seconds to call someone on another continent, and hours to fly there – since should it take days to send funds?

When promulgation income abroad with a bank, for instance, transfers frequently take mixed business days – not to discuss there competence be weekends in a way.

Using TransferWise, a infancy of transfers go by a really same day. So we can get on with your life.

3. It’s cheap

This one’s a biggie. Don’t we hatred promulgation income to friends or family – or maybe receiving a remuneration from abroad – and saying a large cube of it vanish?

Most banks assign fees for promulgation income abroad – and many banks and other services competence have additional fees dark in a sell rate.

TransferWise doesn’t do that. With flat, pure fees, you’ll always know accurately what’s function to your money. When transfering euros to pounds, for instance, adult to transfers of €400 you’ll be charged only €2. In incomparable exchange a price is only 0.5 percent of a sum amount.

Try for yourself by adding a volume we would like to send in a calculator below.

4. It suits all forms of users

Whether we wish to send income to a friend, we done a purchase, we need to get paid, or we have a tiny business operative with general transactions, TransferWise can help.

The fees don’t change, no matter what form of user we are or how frequency or frequently we use a service. Plus, we will always accept an email receipt of a transaction so we have a financial annals we need.

5. It supports some 300 banking routes

Euro. Pounds. Dollars. Francs, kronor, zloty, lev, rupees and ringgits. TransferWise has routes for all of them. In fact, TransferWise has some-more than 300 banking routes and ways to send and accept money. Check a full list of options here.

6. It’s peer-to-peer

And how is all this possible, we competence wonder? It’s since TransferWise isn’t a large bank or financial institution.

It’s radically a network of people like you. One expat competence wish their dollars convered to euro while another wants their euro converted to dollar. TransferWise matches a dual – so a supports don’t ever indeed cranky borders. And that saves we money.

This essay was constructed by The Local and sponsored by TransferWise.

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