‘Art installation’ sparks apprehension fears during Venice festival

Security army and a explosve patrol were called in after dual group alerted them to a unfortunate arrangement in a lavatory of a 1930’s cinema final weekend, internal media reported.

The messages displayed around a dual cartridges enclosed references to a new Charlie Hebdo animation that likened victims of a executive Italian trembler to lasagne, along with a word ‘Everyone has their possess reasons’.

These records were accompanied by signature that authorised military to lane down their creator – a 40-year-old artist and father of 5 from Cagliari in Sardinia, La Nuova Sardegna reported.

As for his possess reasons, he will have to explain them to police, who have charged a artist with wasting military time and possession of firearm parts.

After a consummate hunt of a area by Digos, a Italian law coercion group charged with anti-terror operations, it was announced safe.

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