Brit fined €3,000 for defecating in open during Italian airport

Border military intervened when a man, who had flown from Manchester to Brindisi in Apulia with bill conduit RyanAir, was apparently incompetent to wait to use a airfield toilet.

The 68-year-old private his trousers and defecated on a pavement during Brindisi airport, between a aircraft and a embankment to a airport, Italian media reported on Wednesday. He was incompetent to give an reason for a act, and was described as being in a “state of amiable agitation”.

He perceived a excellent for €3,333 for ‘obscene acts’ a few days after a occurrence while on holiday in Lecce, according to internal paper Brindisi Report.

Police intervened in a apart occurrence during a southern Italian airfield on Monday, after a married integrate had a quarrel while a craft was refuelling.

The father disembarked from a aircraft – a Thomas Cook moody from a UK to Corfu, that had been diverted to Brindisi due to bad continue – notwithstanding carrying been told he was not certified to do so. He was charged with unwell to approve with reserve standards.

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