Concordia survivors censure Italy for ‘stolen’ possessions

The products were fast deserted on Jan 12th, 2012, when a boat listed and partially sank after using aground off a island of Giglio, Tuscany, murdering 32 people.

In a issue of a disaster, Costa Cruises paid some-more than €11,000 in remuneration to a French victims. However, a remuneration agreements betrothed they would accept their products once they were recovered from a vessel.

Now some 390 French survivors explain they have not been given behind anything, even nonetheless a mutilate has given been emptied and roughly totally distant during a dry wharf in Genoa.

“All of a safes on a top rug seem to have mysteriously disappeared,” Anne Decrè, a personality of a collective, told French paper Parisien.

“The insufficiency of Costa Cruises is a same as that of a captain,” Decrè added, referring to Captain Francesco Schettino, who has been condemned to 16 years in jail for his purpose in a disaster.

But Costa were discerning to urge themselves of allegations of incompetence, observant in a matter a shortcoming for a products fell on a coastguard, since following a disaster a boat was impounded by a Italian authorities and announced a crime scene.

The association also hinted that a security competence have been perpetually mislaid to a sea low or even looters.

“Many of a safes on a top rug fell into a H2O and have not nonetheless been found,” a association added.

In a months following a disaster, unethical divers are suspicion to have done off with millions in stolen products from a cursed ship, including champagne, trinket and 300-year-old woodblock prints by a Japanese master Katsushika Hokusai.

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