‘Destitute’ private jet owners fined thousands for taxation fraud

The 38-year-old works as an businessman in a rural zone in Ciriè, a city northwest of Turin, according to internal paper TorinoToday.

He did not contention taxation returns, observant that he owned no skill and had no income.

But distant from being a vacant plantation worker, military detected a male indeed owned 8 homes, 137 plots of land, and a private jet. He also had 8 stream accounts, used to censor an undeclared income of around €750,000.

The male now faces charged for escaped €250,000 of taxes, and investigators have seized skill value around €260,000 to safeguard that a repayments are made.

An EU-wide consult published progressing this month suggested Italians as a biggest tax-dodgers in a EU, and not for a initial time. The state missed out on €36.9 billion in delinquent VAT taxation in 2014.

The supervision has affianced that this debt will tumble in 2016 and has taken stairs to tackle taxation evasion, including a “no questions asked” interest to suspected dodgers to put their affairs in order.

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