Divorced couples contingency lapse profitable gifts: tip Italian court

Designer Katherine Price Mondadori was systematic to lapse a 13-carat solid ring and profitable Picasso portrayal to her former husband, Italian businessman Giuseppe Gazzoni Frascara, who had given them as gifts during her marriage, Italian authorised biography Studio Cataldi reported.

The Court of Cassation pronounced in a ruling on Wednesday that a painting, reportedly given as an reparation for blank a party, could not be deliberate a “usual” benefaction between lovers.

However, Price Mondadori is means to keep an costly Klimt design given as a late Valentine’s Day present, along with other gifts perceived for Christmas, birthdays and Valentine’s Day.

The justice remarkable that given gift-giving is normal on these occasions and both parties concerned were really wealthy, these gifts were given with “freedom of use” and so should be kept even after a relapse of a marriage.

The Picasso painting, however, was so profitable that a justice ruled Frascara was “impoverished” by a loss.

The integrate divorced in 2005, with a internal justice grouping Price Mondadori to lapse a ring, Picasso portrayal and 13 other gifts. A Milanese appeals justice in 2011 ruled that she should lapse only a ring and Picasso artwork; a outcome inspected this week by a Court of Cassation, Italy’s tip justice for polite cases.

Neither had been confident with a initial ruling; while a lady wanted to keep all of a gifts, her ex-husband was anticipating to secure their return.

Price Mondadori had given sole a Picasso painting, value €600,000, so has been systematic to repay her father for a value.

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