Everything we need to know about Ferragosto

What are we celebrating?

August 15th is when Roman Catholics applaud a Assumption of a pure Mary into Heaven – a day when Catholics trust Mary ascended to sky “body and soul” after a finish of her life on earth.

However, it was a holiday in Italy prolonged before it took on a eremite significance.

Ferragosto, a Italian name for a holiday, comes from a Latin Feriae Augusti (the festivals of a Emperor Augustus) behind in 18 BC, substantially to applaud a conflict victory, and were introduced alongside other ancient Roman summer festivals. These celebrations were related to a longer Augustali duration – dictated to be a duration of rest after months of tough labour.

In Roman times, a celebrations enclosed equine races, and a Siena Palio dell’Assunta, that takes place on Aug 16th, keeps these traditions alive.

Today, a holiday combines both a ancient Roman and Catholic roots; it also outlines a semi-official start of Italy’s summer holiday season.

Where’s everybody gone?

It’s normal to use a Aug prolonged weekend to take a trip, customarily evading a feverishness during a seaside, lakes or mountains, so if we stay in city you’ll notice it’s most quieter than usual.

During a epoch of Fascism, a regime would classify trips with special offers for a 13th-15th August, a thought being that a reduction rich amicable classes would get a event to revisit a opposite partial of a country, and even currently there are mostly discounts on packages for a Ferragosto weekend.

Will all be closed?

If we didn’t have a foreknowledge to book a outing of your own, we might be wondering how to use your time. Usually, bank holidays meant sum shutdown even in vital towns and cities, with all from post offices to open ride closed, and that’s a same on Aug 15th. Furthermore, as mentioned earlier, it’s a start of Italy’s holiday season, definition you’ll see ‘chiuso per ferie’ signs popping adult all over a place.

However, distinct many other open holidays, on Ferragosto a vast series of museums and informative sites sojourn open – even yet this year it falls on a Monday, a day of a week when museums are customarily sealed in Italy. So it’s an glorious time to revisit vital attractions such as a Colosseum, Pantheon of Galleria Borghese if you’re in a capital, or one of a many museums and sites opposite a rest of a country.

See a full list of a sites that are open here.

So what should we do?

If we confirm not to revisit one of a museums, there’s still copiousness to do on Ferragosto. Many towns have processions, carrying statues of a Virgin Mary by a centre, and churches will have special services imprinting a Assumption.

If you’re in Rome, there’s a Gran Ballo di Ferragosto with live song and dancing in a piazze is not to be missed, and Pavia is also hosting a possess chronicle this year. Meanwhile, many towns, quite coastal ones, reason fireworks displays in a evenings. And this year is set to be balmy wherever we are in a country, so we can take advantage of a quieter streets to explore.

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