Facebook CEO in Rome for discuss with staff…and a jog

The billionaire arrived in a Italian collateral after spending a week in Lake Como, where he attended a marriage of Sofia and Daniel Ek, a CEO of Spotify.

The Townhall QA will be hold during 4pm CET, a Facebook owner announced…on Facebook.

On Monday morning, he posted a print of himself jogging by a Colosseum.

Zuckerberg’s travels in Europe come after a news from a UK supervision lambasted Facebook, and others including Twitter and Google, for unwell to do adequate to quarrel extremism on their sites.

“Huge companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter, with their billion dollar incomes, are consciously unwell to tackle this hazard and flitting a sire by stealing behind their supranational authorised status, notwithstanding meaningful that their sites are being used by a instigators of terror,” Keith Vaz, a member of a UK council and chair of a cabinet that wrote a report, pronounced in a statement.

“The companies’ disaster to tackle this hazard has left some tools of a internet ungoverned, unregulated and lawless.”

During one of this final visits to Rome, Zuckerberg, whose net value is USD 53.6 billion, unsuccessful to leave a tip after eating during a restaurant.

The occurrence occurred in 2012, during his honeymoon with new mother Priscilla Chan. The integrate had eaten lunch during Nonna Betta, a renouned kosher grill in a Jewish Ghetto, and didn’t leave staff a tip after spending only €32. 

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