‘Fake Sheikh’ Mazher Mahmood jailed over Tulisa case

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Mazher Mahmood duped Tulisa Contostavlos into desiring he was a film producer

Undercover publisher Mazher Mahmood, famous as a “Fake Sheikh”, has been jailed for 15 months for tampering with justification in a box involving thespian Tulisa Contostavlos.

The reporter, 53, and his motorist Alan Smith, 67, were both found guilty of conspiring to debase a march of probity progressing this month.

Judge Gerald Gordon pronounced Mahmood had wanted to “enhance” his reputation.

Smith was condemned to 12 months, dangling for dual years.

Immediately after a sentencing News UK announced that Mahmood – a former News Of The World investigations editor – had been sacked after operative for a association for 25 years.

A association orator pronounced any polite claims brought opposite a association over Mahmood’s past work would be “vigorously defended”.

The Fake Sheikh’s many famous stings

Following a guilty outcome progressing this month, lawyers announced that 18 other people targeted by Mahmood – who also worked for a Sunday Times and Sun on Sunday – designed to move polite claims opposite him, that could sum £800m.

Some of a people were convicted of crimes which, they argued during a time, came as a outcome of fake evidence.

‘Another scalp’

Judge Gordon told a pair: “You, Alan Smith, concluded to and did change your strange declare matter to mislay a thoroughfare that we both realised could be used to support Tulisa Contostavlos’s box in an entrapment hearing.

“Mazher Mahmood, it was your idea. You were a dictated customer and we done use of a constant person, partly an employee, in sequence to grasp your purpose.

“The ground was to safety and raise your reputation.

“You wanted another scalp and Miss Contostavlos’s self-assurance would have achieved that.

“And to grasp that, when we saw a problem, we were prepared for a justice to be deceived.”

As Mahmood was sent down, a man, believed to be one of Mahmood’s purported victims, shouted from a open gallery “your spin now Mazher”.

‘Unscrupulous press’

Media captionFormer London’s Burning actor John Alford welcomes a self-assurance of a “Fake Sheikh” journalist, Mazher Mahmood.

After a sentencing hearing, former London’s Burning star John Alford, whose box is among those being taken adult by a Criminal Cases Review Commission, said: “It’s taken over 20 years for some of us, though finally a decider and a jury of a peers has woken adult to Mazher Mahmood’s lies.

“We would now like to ask Parliament to honour their guarantee to a British people and exercise Leveson partial two.

“Our 3 estates, a monarch, a Parliament and a legal system, contingency be reason accountable, yes?

“But they contingency not be reason to release by a hurtful or unethical press. So greatfully let’s clean this mark on a democracy once and for all.”

The initial partial of a Leveson inquiry, in 2011-2012, examined press ethics, though hearings into ties between newspapers and a military were put on reason amid rapist inquiries over phone hacking.

Former page 3 indication Emma Morgan, who skeleton to sue Mahmood over a drugs prick in a 1990s, said: “As distant as a guilty male receiving 15 months jail, of that he’s going to offer 7 and a half months, during a finish of his career, we don’t consider it’s utterly a same as what he gave me in a sense.

“It was a life judgment during a really commencement of my career.”

Mahmood’s lawyer, John Kelsey-Fry QC, had pronounced his customer stood before a justice as a “very fearful man”.

“Whatever people contend of him today, that career has supposing some profitable service,” he said.

“He has brought disaster on himself and a lifetime’s work will be perpetually tarnished.”

During a hearing during London’s Old Bailey, a justice listened that Miss Contostavlos had been targeted by Mahmood, posing as an successful film writer who wanted her to star in a Hollywood blockbuster.

Mahmood met a thespian during a Metropolitan Hotel in London in 2013 and she allegedly organised for him to be sole half an unit of heroin by one of her contacts for £800.

The former N-Dubz star and X Factor decider was after arrested and charged with being endangered in a supply of a category A drug, after Mahmood, from Purley, south London, handed justification to police.

But her hearing was eventually thrown out, a Old Bailey was told, after motorist Smith was found to have altered his military statement, stealing comments that she done to him expressing her condemnation of tough drugs.

‘Great regret’

A News UK orator pronounced Mahmood was creatively dangling tentative an inner exploration after a Tulisa Contostavlos hearing collapsed, though a exploration had been superseded by a rapist process.

Mahmood had led “scores of successful investigations” during his 25-year career with a association that had “led to a bearing of steal and wrongdoing”.

“It is a source of good bewail that his time with a association should finish in this manner,” he said.

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