First Remembrance Day for Lampedusa migrants noted in Italy

It is also a initial central Remembrance Day for a migrants – strictly patrician ‘National Day of Remembrance for a victims of immigration’ – that saw workshops, talks and film screenings opposite a nation though quite in Sicily, to lift recognition of those who make a tour opposite a Mediterranean and those who do not tarry a crossing.

On Monday, around 1000 people marched to a Gate of Europe, a 5 metre-high relic built in Lampedusa in 2008 that is dedicated to migrants who come to Sicily in hunt of a improved life.

Those marching, including survivors of a 2013 shipwreck, carried a ensign reading ‘Protect people, not borders’. After a march, a rite took place during sea aboard an Italian Coastguard boat.

Coffins holding a bodies of some of those who died in a shipwreck; some victims are still unidentified. Photo: Alberto Pizzoli – AFP.

Over a weekend, a accumulation of commemorative events took place with talks on subjects from hatred debate to song and ‘What it means to be a migrant/refugee and arrive in a unfamiliar country’. There were also talks lifting recognition about how hunt and rescue efforts work and on a subject of tellurian trafficking.

Students from all over Europe participated in a seminar called ‘Europe starts during Lampedusa’, a plan co-funded by a European Union, that concerned articulate to survivors and families of victims to learn about a tour to a southern port.

‘No more’

On Sunday, Lampedusa’s mayor Giusi Nicolini reminded participants that a plague led EU Commissioner Jean-Claude Juncker to contend “no some-more deaths in a Mediterranean”.

“But between afterwards and now, another 11,000 have died. 3,500 have mislaid their lives in 2016 alone. It’s a continual stream,” pronounced Nicolini, adding that mixed deaths during sea are now deliberate roughly normal.

Some of a victims of a Oct 3rd plague have still not been identified, and while dual smugglers have been charged with crimes relating to a shipwreck, an review is still ongoing to establish if a Coastguard unsuccessful to conflict to cries for help.

Those discovered pronounced people on house had set glow to a sweeping to attract a courtesy of seashore guards after a vessel began holding on water, and when a abandon spread, panicked passengers rushed to one side of a vessel, flipping it over.

Islanders rushed to assistance a drowning migrants, helping those who had depressed overboard onto their possess boats and to shore.

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Photo: Italian Navy/AFP

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