Fountain burglar gets dangling judgment for hidden 60 cents

The decider during a internal court, Giuseppe Ravotti, found a male guilty of “aggravated theft” and handed him a large €300 excellent along with a dangling jail sentence.

The burglar was held by flitting military officers as he helped himself to coins from a ‘Fountain of Fertility’ in Jun 2007. After perplexing to run divided – feet still soppy – he was arrested by a officers, who also retrieved a stolen cents, Il Gazzettino reported.

The counterclaim has already lodged an appeal, referring to prior judgements by a Court of Cassation, Italy’s Supreme Court, relating to thefts from Rome’s Trevi Fountain.

Italy has recently stepped adult measures to strengthen a ancestral fountains; during a newly restored Trevi Fountain in Rome and many others, police participation has been increased, with officers on palm to stop tourists soaking their hands or stuffing adult their H2O bottles in a ancestral fountains.

Fines for unlawful dips have also been hiked adult in an attempt to moment down on tourists who seem incompetent to keep out of a water, possibly to cold down in a withering feverishness or reconstruct a famous Anita Ekberg stage from Fellini’s La Dolce Vita.

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