How to opinion absentee from abroad in a US elections

Help! we usually satisfied a US elections are right around a corner! What do we do?!

For starters, register to opinion if we haven’t already! It’s a super-simple two-step process. 

First, go to and ask an absentee list with a Federal Post Card Application (FPCA). Second…

…yeah, yeah. I’ve already sent my FPCA. But how do we indeed vote? What happens now?

As we was saying, a FPCA depends as both your voter registration and a list ask so now all we need to do now is lay parsimonious and keep an eye on your mailbox. Your list should arrive in early October.

And afterwards what do we do when my absentee list gets here?

Well…fill it out…

But how?

With a pen?

Dude. Seriously.

Alright sorry! The accurate blueprint of your list will change depending on what state you’re from. Most of them are flattering candid – usually follow a instructions.

But review them carefully, as a accurate mandate for scrupulously completing your list – signatures, notarizing, etc. – differ from state to state.

Will do! How do we know what regulations request in my state?

Instructions should come with a ballot, though it’s also easy to find lots of information about your state’s online voting resources during

Got it. And when accurately do we need to send in my voted absentee ballot?

Glad we asked. If you’re vital abroad, a endorsed mailing date is Oct 15, 2016.

Good to know. But what if a list we requested never shows up?

No worries! There’s a backup plan: a FWAB.

The what?

The FWAB…the Federal Write-In Absentee Ballot.

Geez – we guys and your acronyms. And how accurately does FWAB differ from a FPCA we were articulate about earlier?

The FPCA both registers we to opinion and requests an absentee list for you. But if a list we requested with your FPCA doesn’t arrive, we can instead imitation and fill-out an FWAB and contention that instead.

Ah, we get it…the FWAB is arrange of like a devise B ballot? The absentee list of final resort?


Well I’m flattering impatient, so what happens if we send in my FWAB and a absentee list shows adult later?

You can still fill out a absentee list we requested even if it turns adult after you’ve mislaid wish and sent in a FWAB. Election officials will usually count one of your ballots if they both arrive in time.

Alright. But, once I’ve sent it in, how do we know if it’s been perceived or not?

Good question! Luckily these days there’s a noble thing called a internet. You can indeed check a standing of your list during

Thank heavens for a internet.

Indeed. Anything else you’d like to know?

What is a air-speed quickness of an unladen swallow?

Good grief! Try seeking me again after a election. But for now, get out there and vote.

This essay was constructed by The Local and sponsored by a US Federal Voting Assistance Programme (FVAP).

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