In A Change Of Tone, Trump Reaches Out To Black And Hispanic Voters


Donald Trump says he won’t change. But this week, he competence have attempted to strech out in new directions by addressing messages to African-American and Hispanic voters. He accuses Democrats of holding their votes for granted. He met during Trump Tower with a organisation of black and Hispanic Republican leaders. Pastor Mark Burns was there. Pastor Burns is owner and CEO of NOW, a Christian broadcaster formed in South Carolina. And he’s been a believer of Donald Trump via this debate season. Pastor Burns, interjection so most for being with us.

MARK BURNS: Happy to be here, Scott.

SIMON: What did a people in a room tell Donald Trump?

BURNS: We discussed because it’s so critical that Mr. Trump continue to relate his position on permitting relatives to select a schools that their children can go to. And this is one of a vital issues that Donald Trump is going to be station behind.

SIMON: Education and mercantile issues we talked about.

BURNS: Absolutely.

SIMON: In 2016, in that room, did anybody discuss military control in minority communities?

BURNS: You know, again, that’s something that also unequivocally dear to Mr. Trump’s heart is military savagery – really, it’s an abuse of energy on any level, possibly it be Hillary Clinton and a State Department or an officer of a law who has abused their positioning. You know, even yet he is a law-and-order claimant – though he also, we know, is going to uncover a care for inmates and for people of tone who feel that a military has treated them unjustly simply for a tone of their skin.

SIMON: Pastor Burns, we saw some video of we during a convene this week in Mississippi, and I’ve got to ask we about during slightest a integrate of phrases we used. Why did we contend there are doubts about Hillary Clinton’s health?

BURNS: Well, I’m not a swindling theories person, OK? we usually try to give contribution as they’re given to me or as we see them. And for me, there’s adequate justification that is out there, right now, that clearly shows Hillary Clinton has some form of ailment. we mean, we can not omit a talk that she had where she seemed to go into some form of convulsive, we know, shock-like, some form of a seizure. And it was done…

SIMON: we got to tell you, we don’t remember that. we don’t know a lot of people who do remember that, Pastor.

BURNS: Well, all we have to do is simply only Google it. It’s there. It’s plain as day. I’m no medical doctor, nor do we explain to diagnose a medical issue. But what we can contend is this video is out there.

BURNS: Look, let me ask we something about that convene that we consider does go into your wheelhouse of expertise. At one indicate in this convene in Mississippi, we referred to Hillary Clinton and her immorality deeds. Now, you’re a male of God, Pastor Burns. Why do we impute to policies with that we might, we guess, seemingly do remonstrate as immorality deeds?

BURNS: Well, we consider when we have a negligence for a effects that certain policies have on certain groups of Americans, we think, it’s evil. For me, termination is intensely evil. we am, as we stated, a male of God. And for me, life starts during conception.

BURNS: You competence remonstrate with abortion, and apparently a good series of Americans do, though it’s a law of a land.

BURNS: It is a law of a land. But that doesn’t stop me from desiring that murder of a child is wrong. And also for marriage, for me, matrimony is so important. That comes directly from a word of God. Marriage is between one male and one woman.

SIMON: Your candidate, Donald Trump, supports happy rights. He pronounced he would do some-more for gays than Hillary Clinton.

BURNS: we could tell we what Donald Trump has pronounced to me personally. And he believes matrimony is between one male and one woman. But he also announced that it is a law of a land, as we only stated. That doesn’t meant we privately have to support it.

SIMON: But – so it’s an immorality help when Hillary Clinton supports it, though it’s not an immorality help when Donald Trump supports it?

BURNS: No, we didn’t contend that either. Your doubt to me was…

SIMON: we consider we did contend it…

BURNS: …about Hillary Clinton…

SIMON: …But go ahead.

BURNS: …Not about Donald Trump.

SIMON: Yeah, yeah.

BURNS: No, we did not.


BURNS: Your doubt to me was about Hillary Clinton…

SIMON: Evil deeds, yeah.

BURNS: …And that’s what we’re articulate about now. In anxiety to Donald Trump – do we support all a boss would support? Absolutely not. Who does? Even as we am a clever disciple for Donald Trump, and we trust he will be a subsequent president, we can’t answer for all he does. we do support a clever nation. we do support one blacks and whites and Asians and Hispanics and removing us to stop focusing on those cultures that order us and move us together as Americans.

SIMON: Pastor Mark Burns, interjection unequivocally most for your time.

BURNS: Thank you, Scott.

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