IN PICS: Italy’s crazy censor and find championship

The thought for an general contest came about by collision during one of a founders’ birthday parties, when he and his friends began a extemporaneous diversion of censor and find and wondered because there was no central universe event. Though it started out as a joke, a eventuality has grown year after year, attracting visitors from around a globe, orderly by Bergamo repository CTRL and internal authorities.

Photo: Nicola Carrara

This year, a contest changed from Bergamo to a deserted city of Consonno, that has lain dull for around fifty years. Consonno, nearby a city of Lecco, was dictated to turn ‘the Las Vegas of Lombardy’ in a 1960’s, though was deserted only a few years after works began, when a landslide left many of a city uninhabitable.

Photo: Nicola Carrara

Over a weekend however, there were food trucks, song concerts and other events to accompany a large diversion of censor and seek.

Only Italian teams participated in a initial few editions, though as word widespread a event, now in a seventh year, has turn truly international.

“The many widespread diversion in a universe deserves a possess World Championship, and any adult deserves to be giveaway for a weekend, personification censor and seek,” a organizers explained.

2016 saw 320 players, separate into 64 teams, censor in a woods and fields around Consonno. They represented all corners of Italy, as good as France, Switzerland and Belgium, with one group even carrying done a tour from Minnesota in America.

The manners of a games are as follows: The censor and find locus is separate into 5 sections, and one member from any group contingency censor in any section. While a seekers (the winners of final year’s tournament) count for one minute, a players find a stealing mark among a obstacles set out, and afterwards have to make it behind to a ‘base’ before a seekers can find them.

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The video next captures a start of a event.

Nascondino Mondiale – Consonno , bellissima esperienza anche solo vedere! #consonno #nascondino #mondiale #italy #divertente #tornarebambini #giocoinfanzia

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After Saturday’s event, a finalist teams competed again on Sunday, with a group Sneaky Frenchy from Marseille eventually crowned as Hide and Seek World Champions.

Photo: Nicola Carrara

As good as a players, spectators from around Europe and a universe visited a city to watch a games reveal in a spook town, that came alive for a weekend.

Photo: Nicola Carrara

The thought of censor and find as a rival competition is not singular to Italy however; a Japanese professor, who runs a Hide-and-Seek Promotion Committee in a country, has been lobbying to get a eventuality introduced in 2020’s Tokyo Olympics, and a organizers of a World Championship are watchful energetically to see if this comes to fruition.

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