Indian male on honeymoon in Italy…without his wife

Having usually taken a brief mangle after their wedding, Faizan Patel and his mother Sana, from New Delhi, had looked brazen to their dream honeymoon in Italy.

But only dual days before they were due to leave, they detected that Sana had mislaid her passport.

They unsuccessful in their try to get a transport request in time, and so Faizan, a lifestyle and product photographer, motionless to go on a outing alone, withdrawal his mother to fastener with Indian pass authorities.

#Yay #PartyTime he announced on Twitter as a span acted for selfies before his ‘tearful’ depart from India.

But he didn’t desert her totally – he took with him a card cut-out of her face, that accompanied him on prolonged sight journeys between Italy’s excellent cities, all a while holding ‘selfies’ with it and chronicling a outing on Twitter.

His posts shortly went viral, capturing a courtesy of India’s Foreign Minister, Susham Swaraj, who affianced to quickly routine his wife’s pass so that she can join him for a rest of a two-week honeymoon.

The pass was shortly released though a couple’s subsequent jump was removing an appointment during a visa estimate centre. 

Speaking from Pisa, Faizan told The Local that Sana should get her visa on Thursday night and will be on a subsequent accessible moody to Rome. She will afterwards transport from a collateral to join him in Florence.

Despite a deficiency of his wife, he pronounced a outing to Italy so distant has been “simply breathtaking”.

“It’s a pleasing country. I’m amatory a continue here.” 

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