Introducing… The Local’s new design

Introducing what?

Our new design! We’ve altered a demeanour of a site!

Have you?

Yes, we have. And it’s taken 6 months of intensely tough work so don’t fake we didn’t notice.

Oh. Thought something looked different.

Actually, all is different. We’ve totally rebuilt a sites to be ‘mobile first’, some-more secure and 100% manageable regulating Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) technology, not to discuss adding a –

Yeah, whatever – how is this improved for me?

Well, there are dual specific improvements that we will hopefully appreciate. The initial is that a new pattern allows us to benefaction a lot some-more of a calm to a readers, a lot some-more clearly. And secondly, each page downloads faster. MUCH faster. So if you’re reading The Local on your phone, we will notice a large difference. Words like ‘blistering’, lightning’, ‘breakneck’ and ‘pronto’ open to mind.

We also occur to consider that a new demeanour is really appreciative on a eye.

It’s OK.

Nice of we to say.

What about a ads?

What about them?

There are ADS on your site!

Yes, there are indeed ads on a sites. This is partly how we compensate a way. And they should bucket most some-more uniformly now. As we might have beheld in a final 5 years, we also have sponsored articles on a sites (they compensate a other half of a salaries). These are some-more clearly identified now and are put in a some-more applicable context.

Fair enough. So because don’t all of your sites demeanour like this?

One step during a time, my friend. The initial editions to get a makeover are Italy and Norway. Over a subsequent few weeks we will be tidying a few things adult and requesting a new demeanour to a other sites.

Where do we complain?

Hopefully angry is a final thing you’ll be doing, though we’d adore to hear what we think. If we would like to criticism or, indeed, if we mark something that isn’t operative properly, feel giveaway to let us know on Facebook, Twitter or by mailing

Right, I’ll get typing then.

And we’re looking brazen to conference from you.

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