Italian basejumper ‘live streamed possess death’

Police in a canton of Bern reliable that a 28-year-old Italian inhabitant died in Kandersteg on Friday morning after jumping from a Alpschelehubel wearing a wingsuit .

“Shortly after take-off he got into trouble, for as-yet different reasons, and crashed to a ground,” military said in a statement.

Police did not endorse his identity, though Swiss daily Blick named him as Armin S, who lived in Freiburg in south-west Germany.

According to a paper, a male streamed his deadly burst to friends and family on Facebook.

“Today we fly with me,” he says in a video, that was after picked adult and promote in partial by general media.

Armin afterwards pockets a camera and jumps, with his viewers means to hear – though not see – as he flies by a air. After a scream, a video falls silent, reported Blick.

The tragedy is a latest deadly collision in a competition of basejumping this summer.

Just a fortnight ago a Briton and an Italian died in Lauterbrunnen in a Bernese Oberland after jumping from cliffs.

The Italian, identified as Uli Emanuele, was also filming his jump, for movement camera association GoPro.

Basejumpers typically wear wingsuits as they plunge, reaching speeds of adult to 200 kilometres per hour (120 miles per hour) before deploying a parachute.

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