Italian bishop says ‘diabolical’ Pokemon is like ‘Nazism’

Antonio Stagliano, a bishop of a southern city of Noto in Sicily, was quoted by several newspapers as observant he was prepared to go to justice to get the wildly renouned app banned.

The augmented-reality game, that allows players to locate practical monsters using GPS mapping on their phones, has turn a tellurian disturb given a launch on Jul 6th though has also stirred a call of critique and controversy.

Stagliano had already lashed out during a diversion in new days, dogmatic it “a total complement tighten to Nazism” and observant it had “alienated thousands and thousands of immature people” by removing them bending on monster-hunting.

The bishop is good famous in a Italian press, quite for his mid-mass renditions of stone hits by renouned singers Noemi and Marco Mengoni.

Last week, a oppulance hotel organisation in Tuscany pronounced it was charity therapy to billionaire guest dependant to a game, that launched in Italy in July.

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