Italian fined €30,000 for bad-mouthing her ex to her son

A polite judiciary in Rome pronounced that a woman’s critique breached a child’s rights to peace and to have a healthy attribute with both parents.

According to a judge, a mom – who had control of a child – not usually unsuccessful to safeguard her child and ex-husband rebuilt a “healthy and proper” relationship, though also “continued to demonstrate her disapproval, regulating derogative terms about a boy’s father”, authorised biography Studio Cataldi reported.

In doing so, a justice pronounced that a lady was harming a child’s mental health, and stressed a right of children to have dual relatives – that is enshrined in both Italian and EU law.

Not usually did a decider contend that a woman’s actions amounted to rapist behaviour, though warned that if she continued, it “could lead to modifications of a conditions of custody”.

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