Italian hotel sequence gives therapy to Pokémon fanatics

Salvatore Madonna, a CEO of Soft Living Places, that has five-star hotels in Forte de Marmi, a beach city renouned among a world’s rich, and Viareggio, said that dependency on a diversion “knows no amicable barriers”.

And so a company, that in a past has offering therapy for those spooky with iPhones and other forms of technology, has brought in a services of multi-lingual psychologists.

“We’re saying billionaires, Sheikhs, Emirs, their wives and children, Russian oligarchs and Italian industrialists sport practical creatures in a swimming pool, or in mezzanine and reception,” Madonna added. 

“This is because I’ve motionless to yield my clients with counsellors, who can meddle in cases of a some-more conspicuous illness.”

Guests compensate €5,000 a night to stay during a company’s hotels.

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