Italian mafia refugee found on family holiday in Benidorm

A member of a Camorra, a scandalous mafia from Naples,  the 40-year-old was tracked down to Benidorm where he was staying in one of a some-more upmarket hotels on a seafront in a bustling resort.

The Italian, who was featured in Italy’s tip 100 many dangerous fugitives and is indicted of orderly crime and drug trafficking, was on holiday with his mother and kids when military tracked him down.

Salvatore Mariano was in a tip 100 many wanted dangerous fugitives in Italy. Photo: Carabinieri

He had been on a run given a military raid in Mar 2nd led to a detain of 33 members of a Contini house and seized €20 million value of unlawful goods.

Mariano was finally located on Sunday when a military group acted as room use staff during a hotel and gained entrance to his suite.

The operation was partial of a partnership between a Carabinieri and Spain’s Guardia Civil.

He will now be extradited to Italy to mount trial.


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