Italian male ‘kept passed mum’s physique in freezer for months’

The centenarian substantially upheld divided in March, an initial hearing of a physique suggested.

Borgoglio’s 65-year-old son, who lived with his mom in a prosaic nearby Biella in Piedmont, was taken into military control and charged with concealing a corpse, according to internal paper Eco di Biella.

Neighbours contacted military after apropos endangered about a state of a pensioner’s health and her son’s evasiveness about her condition, heading officers to make a hideous discovery.

Police pronounced they found a physique in a apartment’s kitchen, nearby a fridge, Il Fatto Quotidiano said. The paper also reported that neighbours had seen a son move an scarcely vast new freezer into a building recently.

The family of dual had changed to Trivero del Varesotto about a year earlier, during that time a son had struggled to find work.

Local military pronounced they were operative to settle a resources surrounding Borgoglio’s genocide and were incompetent to elaborate on a cause.

However, there have been several cases in Italy of children concealing a bodies of their defunct relatives while stability to collect their pensions. In 2014, a 51-year-old was arrested for rascal and stealing a remains after it was detected he had concealed a physique of his mom for over a year, stability to pull her pension.

Earlier that year, a physique of another woman, Paola Puricelli, was found in a freezer of her home in Borgomanero, in a Piedmont region. She had died 4 years earlier. Her daughter told military she kept a physique so that she could “always be close” to her mom though also certified that carrying not worked for years and been refused bank loans, she “survived” off her mother’s pension.

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