Italian silent tells teacher: Homework is torture, kids need time to play

Anna Santoiemma told her nine-year-old daughter’s clergyman that rather than spending evenings doing homework, her child indispensable time for competition and other activities.

She wrote a summary in a task diary, underneath a instructions for Thursday’s homework: reading a page in a story textbook.

The mom common a summary on Facebook, adding: “Enough task and adequate of torturing a children after 8 hours sitting during desks.”

“Mariasole wasn’t means to investigate History, since after 8 hours of school, from 17:00 to 19:30 she dedicated her remaining giveaway time to competition and recreational activities.”

Speaking to The Local, she said: “Unfortunately, propagandize remodel in Italy has been totally gutted since of continual supervision cuts. We have demotivated teachers, there aren’t any specialized refreshers’ courses and there’s no aptitude testing.

“School time should be contained within a 8 hours that children spend during school,” Santoiemma added. “After that, leave them giveaway to play, or even to laze around for a rest of a time. Instead, a enlightenment of task is already deeply rooted, that in my opinion is purposeless after so many hours during school.”

Hundreds of people commented on a post, many of them criticizing a thought of children skipping their homework.

“The tellurian mind is a consume that is many absorbant in a initial years of life, we need to make a many of this duration of their lives to make them learn as many things as possible,” commented one woman, Maria Trimarco.

“Studying is woe for you? What kind of summary do we consider that sends?” pronounced another Facebook user.

However, other relatives and commenters concluded with Santoiemma that children need some-more downtime and shouldn’t be picking adult coop and paper after 8 hours in school.

“I’m with you! The best schools in a universe have fewer hours of classes and some-more recreational time. Children have to be children – during slightest for a few hours a day!” pronounced Valentina Donati.

“If we leave work after 8 hours, a final thing we wish is to do a same thing during home that I’ve been doing all day,” pronounced another Italian mother, who combined that she speedy her children to do their task during weekends or during holidays, though not on propagandize nights.

Are Italian schoolchildren overworked?

Earlier this year, one Italian mayor released a homework anathema for a summer holidays, arguing that children indispensable time to forget their schoolwork and let off steam.

In his decree, a mayor of a executive Sardinian town, Luciano Barone, done a few suggestions as to how their time off could be put to improved use.

“I’ve asked them to go for prolonged walks, to learn and bite a sunrise, to dance, to write and, above all, to review whatever they wish and plead it with others,” he said. “Good adults should have a plain preparation that can’t be gained from books alone.”

On a other hand, some politicians disagree that Italian youngsters indeed have too most giveaway time, with a 3 month summer holiday entrance underneath attack.

Last year, Italy’s work apportion ignited discuss by suggesting a summer mangle be cut to just one month.

By standards in other European countries, Italy’s propagandize holidays are rather excessive. Across a limit in France, pupils are given 8 weeks outward a classroom, while in Germany there are around 6 weeks of summer holidays.

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Expat silent Isabelle Duranceau, who told The Local about her knowledge of Italian schools, with her children in Santa Maria di Leuca. Photo: Isabelle Duranceau

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