Italian Oscar-winner to make ‘Berlusconi: The Movie’

Sorrentino done a proclamation while vocalization to U.S Entertainment repository Variety.

The 46-year-old Neapolitan executive explained he was still operative on a book for a Italian-language film, that will be shot subsequent summer.

Sorrentino suggested a film’s operative pretension was ‘Loro’ – definition ‘they’ or ‘them’ in Italian – though gave no hints as to that aspects of Berlusconi’s life a film would concentration on.

The former primary minister’s life is a value trove of intensity plots for a silver-screen epic.

From his stratospheric arise from journey boat crooner to billionaire media noble and primary minister, to accusations of mafia connectors and reports of all night ‘bunga-bunga’ sex parties during his villa in Arcore, Berlusconi is one of a many argumentative total of new domestic history.

In Sorrentino, Berlusconi’s story is in a hands of one of a brightest stars in tellurian cinema.

Since winning a Best Foreign Language Film Oscar for his 2013 film ‘The Great Beauty’, Sorrentino’s batch has continued to rise.

His 2015 English-language film ‘Youth’, starring Michael Caine, scooped a Palme d’Or during final year’s Cannes Film Festival and his new ten-part series, ‘The Young Pope’, starring Jude Law, recently premiered to good commend during a Venice Film Festival.

Sorrentino is no foreigner to creation films about Italian domestic figures.

His 2008 film, ‘Il Divo’, about former Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti’s cosy attribute with a mafia was good perceived by critics – if not by Andreotti.

The politician allegedly walked out of a screening of a film, claiming it was “too much” and that he deserved to be “judged on his record”.

Whether Berlusconi reacts likewise to his large shade description stays to be seen. But, ever a entertainer, Italy’s ex-prime apportion seemed primarily eager about a project, reportedly revelation sources he was“flattered” to be a theme of a new film.

However, Medusa films, a Berlusconi-owned association that has worked with Sorrentino in a past, fast expelled a press recover observant they would play no partial in a prolongation of ‘Loro’. 

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