Italian PM says EU not finished after Brexit

“Many suspicion a EU was finished after Brexit though that is not how it is,” Renzi pronounced as he welcomed a leaders for France and Germany for essential talks on how to revitalise a European plan in a arise of a Brexit shock.

“We wish to write a improved page (in European history).”

French President Francois Hollande pronounced Europe was faced with a risk of “fragmentation and division” while German Chancellor Angela Merkel recalled that a EU had been innate from some of a “darkest moments” of European history.

The 3 leaders were vocalization forward of a operative cooking aboard the Giuseppe Garibaldi aircraft carrier, anchored off a island of Ventotene, one of a cradles of a dream of a united, integrated Europe.

The 3 leaders are anticipating to forge a common position on a approach forward post-Brexit forward of a limit of a 27 remaining EU states in Bratislava next month.

Europe’s mercantile outlook, jihadist attacks, a interloper and migrant drama, the Syrian conflict, and family with Russia and Turkey were also expected to be on a agenda.

At a initial turn of talks in June, a leaders of continental Europe’s three biggest economies called for “a new impulse” for a EU.

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