Italy bank thieves in brazen hovel escape

The 4 robbers dug a hovel underneath a bank in executive Milan, and once inside waited for a initial employees to arrive before forcing them to open the protected and emptying a reserve deposition boxes.

Once a alarm was triggered, a military arrived on a stage usually to discover a crooks had done their escape.

Local residents were discerning to indicate out they had warned a authorities something peculiar was going on underneath a building.

“We began conference noises on Sunday evening. We were jokingly observant to each other, ‘Are they robbing a bank?’,” one unnamed proprietor was quoted as saying in a media.

“On Monday one of us went to a bank to advise them about a tremors we had felt. Others went to a nearest military hire on Tuesday since a sounds had not stopped,” they said.

On Thursday, a night before a robbery, “even a cement outward was shaking”, they said.

The value of a burglary was not immediately known.

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