Italy expels 5 for ‘jihadist messages’ on Facebook

Alfano said he had systematic a expulsions after a “long and formidable investigation” into a Facebook comment that had posted “countless” videos and papers in support of a militant organisation Isis.

Police identified a owners of a comment as a 28-year-old Macedonian vital in Gorizia, northeastern Italy. 

The man’s dual brothers-in-law, aged 31 and 28, along with their 52-year-old father and one of a brothers’ wives, aged 32, were also diminished on Sunday for posting countless nonconformist messages on amicable media sites.

Alfano pronounced a organisation were “all left-wing supporters of a self-proclaimed Caliphate” and that they had praised both militant attacks in Europe and a actions of Isis in Syria.

The organisation had regularly criticized their imam and a internal Muslim village for being ‘moderates’ and open to western influences.

Since Jan 2015, Italy has diminished 121 Islamic extremists as partial of a plan of prevention, including 12 imams.

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