Italy has Europe’s oldest population: Eurostat

The report, expelled for a ‘International Day of Older Persons’ on Oct 1st, suggested that 6.5 percent of Italians had already distinguished their 80th birthday when a information was collected in 2015.

Greece (6.3 percent) and Spain (5.9 percent) had a subsequent top suit of people aged over 80, while Ireland and Slovakia had a lowest suit during usually 3.1 percent each.

In 2005, Italy came second in a rankings, with a measure of 4.9 percent that left them trailing behind Sweden (5.4 percent). However, in a inserted 10 years a figure in a Scandinavian republic has forsaken to 5.1 percent, creation it a usually EU state to knowledge a decrease in a suit of over-80-year-olds.

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Once you’ve reached 80, in Italy we can design to live for another decade, somewhat above a European normal of 9 years, 6 months. But France is a nation where 80-year-olds have a longest life expectancy, during 11 years.

It’s bad news for men, though, as women make adult usually underneath dual thirds of a over-80’s in Italy, a figure in line with a Europe-wide average.

Across a EU, there are roughly 27 million over-80’s, an boost of 7 million compared to 2005.

The longevity of Italians has intrigued scientists for many years, and studies are frequently carried out to try to learn a Mediterranean secret. The series of centenarians in a nation has more than tripled over a final 15 years – though why?

The world’s oldest woman, Emma Morano, has pronounced her tip is staying single and eating eggs each day.

Italian and US experts have investigated a unusual longevity of residents of Acciaroli, where some-more than one in 10 – 81 during a mayor’s final count – of a village’s race of 700 is over 100 years old. They narrowed down a few criteria suspicion to minister to a villagers’ prolonged lives, including rosemary and olive oil.



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