Italy PM: UK can’t design additional rights post-Brexit

Renzi also told a BBC that he blamed Britain’s former premier David Cameron for June’s opinion to leave a European Union.

His comments are a latest from a European personality to prominence a tough position Britain is expected to face in Brexit negotiations when it triggers Article 50, a two-year routine for leaving.

“It will be unfit to give to British people some-more rights than other people out of a EU,” Renzi said, vocalization in English.

“When David Cameron motionless to use a referendum to solve some inner problem in a Conservative party, this was a problem,” he added.

Cameron was seen as carrying called a referendum to try and assuage eurosceptics in his celebration and branch a arise of a anti-EU UK Independence Party.

Renzi combined that a opinion to leave a EU was “a bad decision” though a outcome should be respected.

Meanwhile, a Institute for Government think-tank warned that formulation for Brexit could cost Britain’s supervision £65 million (75 million euros, $85 million) a year in a new news out Thursday.

It also urged Prime Minister Theresa May to make transparent when she skeleton to activate Article 50.

“In a deficiency of a transparent plan, ‘Kremlinology’ and off-the-cuff remarks are stuffing a void,” it said.

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