Italy military get lunch for bad lady ‘forced to take food’

The lady helped herself to food including a parcel of biscuits and a tin of tuna, value a sum of €14, from a supermarket shelf – though she was held red-handed, internal paper Cronache Maceratesi reported on Thursday.

After a emporium owners reported a lady to police, a 61-year-old pennyless down in tears. She told officers that after losing her job, she had been incompetent to find work and struggling to tarry as she was still too immature to collect a state pension. As a result, she hadn’t eaten for several days.

After verifying her story, a amicable officers supposing her with a meal.

Police also paid for her train sheet home, and contacted a eremite charity, that gave a lady serve reserve They alerted a amicable services to her conditions as well.

The annual misery news from inhabitant statistics group Istat, expelled progressing this month, showed that a series of people vital in misery in Italy was during a ten-year high, with 4.6 million in “absolute poverty”.

Italy’s Court of Cassation, a top executive court, progressing this year clear a homeless male for a burglary of cheese and sausages, observant a male “acted out of necessity”.

Back in August, Rome military warmed hearts around a universe after cooking pasta for a waste aged couple. The span had been great so aloud that their neighbours alerted police, who baked a pensioners a elementary dish of pasta and parmesan.

Rome military prepare pasta for waste aged couple

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