Italy’s anti-mafia military redeem stolen Van Gogh paintings

The 1882 “Seascape during Scheveningen” and 1884/85 “Congregation withdrawal a Reformed Church during Nuenen” were “recovered during a massive, stability investigation… conducted by a specialized group questioning orderly crime,” a museum pronounced in a statement.

“The curator who legalised a flawlessness and provenance of a works during a ask of a Italian Public Prosecutions Department drew a organisation conclusion: ‘they are a genuine paintings!’,” a museum added.

Despite a 14-year journey, a dual paintings by Vincent outpost Gogh “appear to be in sincerely good condition,” it said.

Dutch military non-stop an general hunt behind in 2002 after thieves apparently used a elementary ladder and a length of wire to take a dual works, value millions of dollars.

The criminals pennyless into a museum in downtown Amsterdam on Dec 7th that year regulating a ladder to stand onto a roof, where they pennyless by a window and used a wire to get in and out of a heavily fortified building.

The adventurous heist left Dutch military astounded during a time. The paintings’ locale were different until being recovered in a Naples area, a Van Gogh Museum said.

“After all those years we no longer brave to count on a probable return,” pronounced a museum’s director, Axel Rueger, who has trafficked to Naples to perspective a blank Vincents.

“The paintings have been found. That we would ever be means to pronounce these difference is something that we no longer dared to wish for,” he said.

It was misleading when a paintings were to lapse to Amsterdam, as they were used as explanation in an ongoing review in Italy, a museum said.

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