Italy’s bootleg and subterraneous economy accounts for 13 percent of GDP

This information comes from Istat, that suggested on Friday that a value of a non-observed economy had increasing by €5 billion given a prior year, when it contribited 12.9 percent of a sum GDP.

The bulk of a income comes from a subterraneous economy, that contributed €194 billion (12 percent of a GDP) final year, while bootleg activity brought in around €17 billion. 

Between 2011 and 2014, a value of a unobserved economy has usually risen to 13 from 12.4 percent of a sum GDP. 

The biggest cube (46.9 percent) is down to companies under-declaring their income, while a serve 36.5 percent comes from bootleg labour. Eight percent comes from bootleg activities, including prostitution, drug traffic and bribery.

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