Lizzie Armistead hits behind during critics with 1,275-word matter after ‘missed drugs tests’ allegations

I am essay this matter in my possess words, something we have wanted to do from a really beginning.

Understandably people have questions that we wish to answer as plainly and honest as we can. we wish people know that vocalization with reporters is a required partial of my job, vocalization directly to a open in a matter like this, that has not been spook created or created by somebody else is unheard of.

I wish to take shortcoming for this message, this is my life and not a diversion of headlines. we wish to state a contribution though also try to explain my conditions further. we trust we owe this matter to sports fans, people who adore competition like we do.

As an 18-year-old schoolgirl we was introduced to a locale system, 9 years ago. Since afterwards a complement has grown and developed, post Oct 2015 we recognized this and requested serve preparation from UKAD, we will come behind to this later.

By submitting my locale we am consenting to people entrance into my residence or hotel and holding blood and urine samples. This is a partial of my competition that we accept and wholeheartedly support.

To supplement some credentials before we explain a specific sum of my 3 ‘strikes’.

I have been tested 16 times in 2016.

I have a transparent and current blood pass (a some-more minute use of looking for doping violations by looking for trends contra anomalies in my blood values).

I have been tested after each feat this season.

I am on a highway for around 250 days a year, with around 60 competition days.

I have never tested certain for a criminialized substance.

I have never taken a criminialized substance.

I will benefaction a contribution of my 3 ‘strikes’.

Sweden: Aug 20, 2015

UKAD are authorised a limit of dual weeks to surprise we of a ‘strike’. When we perceived a minute from UKAD we immediately contested it with a created explanation, this was not supposed on a eve of me travelling to America for my universe championships. we had no authorised advise or outmost support during a time.

Last week:

CAS ruled fast and unanimously in my foster and privileged me of any wrong doing, because:

I was during a hotel we stated.

The DCO didn’t do what was reasonable or required to find me.

I was tested a subsequent day, this exam was negative.

Calling an athlete’s mobile phone is not a process authorized by UKAD to try and locate an athlete, as such it is not an justification opposite me that we slept with my phone on wordless in sequence not to disquiet a room mate.

Put simply we was accessible and peaceful to yield a representation for UKAD.

Second ‘strike’: Oct 2015

Despite being reported as a ‘missed test’ this was in fact a ‘filing failure’.

UKAD did not try to exam me, instead this was an executive mark check. They found an craziness between an overnight accommodation and a morning time slot.

A bustling post universe championship duration meant we had no organisation skeleton and as such was changing residence and skeleton really quickly. we finished a mistake. This was an honest mistake rather than perplexing to mistreat anybody. A mistake that many athletes who are honest with themselves will acknowledge to carrying finished themselves. we was tested by UKAD after that week and constructed a disastrous result.

In Dec 2015, we met with UKAD and British cycling to plead a support devise in sequence to equivocate a third intensity ‘strike’.

Simon Thornton from British Cycling was put in place to check my locale on a bi-weekly basis. We had unchanging hit and he would assistance me with any problems, effectively he was a fail-safe mechanism. Since assembly with UKAD my locale updates have been as minute and specific as they can presumably be. Going as distant as we can in describing my locations to equivocate any serve issues.

Unfortunately, this complement fell detached on a Jun 9 when UKAD attempted to exam me in my hour container and we was not where we had settled we would be.

Simon Thornton had left BC 3 weeks before to my strike though anybody informing me. We worked underneath a process of ‘no news was good news’ as summarized in my support devise with UKAD.

If Simon was still in place a following slip could have been prevented. My overnight accommodation (the bed in that we was sleeping a morning of a test) was correct, though we had unsuccessful to change a one hour contrast slot, it was clearly unfit to be in both locations.

This is where we trust we have a right to privacy. My personal family resources during a time of a exam were impossibly difficult, a medical justification supposing in my box was not contested by UKAD, they supposed a resources we was in.

UKAD did not know my conditions to be ‘extreme’ adequate to assuage me of a loosening charge.

A psychiatrist comment of my state of mind during a time was contrary. In my counterclaim we was traffic with a dire time and we forgot to change a box on a form.

I am not a robot, we am a member of a family, my joining to them comes over and above my joining to cycling. This will not change and as a outcome we will not plead this further, a pang does not need to be partial of a open trial.

I wish we have finished it transparent that family comes before cycling, we am not obsessively driven to success in cycling, we adore my sport, though we would never lie for it.

To conclude:

I now have one filing disaster and one missed test.

The reason this hasn’t been discussed publicly until now is since we had a right to a satisfactory hearing during CAS, it is transparent sensationalised headlines have a unpropitious outcome to any authorised case.

In a days following a revelations in a press my family and we have been a plant of some impossibly unpleasant comments.

I ask people to take a impulse to put themselves in my shoes, we am an contestant perplexing to do my best, we am a purify athlete. we am a womanlike highway competition universe champion, we work in a totally opposite sourroundings to a infancy of athletes in a contrast pool.

I am self coached, we work outward British Cycling and a systems, we competition for a women’s group that doesn’t have a bill to compare a universe debate men’s group who have staff privately in place to supports riders with whereabouts.

I don’t wish to make excuses, we finished one mistake that was beheld in a ‘spot check’ my second strike came during a time when anybody who lives for and loves their family would know my oversight. It’s as elementary as ticking a wrong box on a form.

I adore competition and a values it represents, it hurts me to cruise anybody doubt my performances. Integrity is something we essay for in each partial of my life. we will reason my conduct high in Rio and do my best for Great Britain.

I am contemptible for causing anyone to remove faith in sport, we am an instance of what tough work and loyalty can achieve. we hatred dopers and what they have finished to sport.

To any of a ‘Twitter Army’ reading this, do yourself a foster and go for a bike ride. It’s a many pleasing thing we can do to transparent your mind.


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