Magical low-pitched to flog off star-studded Venice fest

Damien Chazelle’s “La La Land”, described as a reverence to a Golden Age of American musicals, reunites a stars, who seemed together in a 2011 romcom “Crazy, Stupid, Love” — though with oodles of singing this time.
This star premier of a story about a struggling jazz pianist and his singer partner is a initial of 20 films in foe during a 73rd book of a world’s oldest film festival, that runs from Aug 31st to Sep 10th.

The festival’s artistic executive Alberto Barbera described a crack by the director of Academy Award-nominated “Whiplash” (2014) as a film “that does not merely reinvent a low-pitched genre, it gives it a code new start”.
This year’s choice on a glamorous Italian island is important not usually for a A-list headliners, from Denzel Washington to Michael Fassbender, though also for a plenitude of genre movies, he said.

Dystopian adore stories, duration dramas, journey epics, revised Westernsand sci-fi thrillers are all display during a Lido extravaganza, where Hollywood’s creme de la creme stone adult in H2O taxis to daunt on a red carpet.

Virtual existence religion

And Venice will be a initial festival to horde a special practical reality viewing salon. A 40-minute preview of “Jesus VR” will see viewers “experience” the birth of Christ in a initial practical existence feature-length film ever made.
The beach-side festival has easy a repute as an awards-season platform by producing a final dual Best Picture Oscars, “Spotlight” and “Birdman”, in a plea to a huge Toronto film festival.
All eyes will be on a jury, lead by British film executive Sam Mendes, for hints as to a subsequent Oscar favourite.

Security is high during a venue, with highway blocks and bag checks after a  summer’s jihadist attacks in Europe.

While champagne corks were popped and canapes scoffed during oppulance Venice hotels on a eve of a festival, a celebration cooking on a opening night was cancelled as a symbol of honour following a lethal trembler in Italy.
Films battling for a Lion embody Iranian-American Ana Lily Amirpour’s “The Bad Patch”, set in a Texas solitude and starring Keanu Reeves and Jim Carrey, as good as Derek Cianfrance’s regretful duration play “The Light Between Oceans”, featuring real-life integrate Fassbender and Alicia Vikander.

Cigarette-smoking pope

The pair, who famously met and fell in adore on a set of a World War I period drama, play a beacon screw and his mother who have problems conceiving though take in a baby lady cleared adult ashore in a boat.
Among a many expected premieres is mythological executive Terrence Malick’s 3D documentary about a birth and genocide of a universe. “Voyage of Time”, a plan 40 years in a making, is narrated by Cate Blanchett.
Mel Gibson will be creation his directorial quip after a 10-year break with “Hacksaw Ridge” about a World War II army medic who was a only conscientious agitator ever to win a Congressional Medal of Honor.
Former artistic executive during Gucci, Tom Ford, who wowed critics and the public comparison with his directorial entrance “A Single Man” in 2009, is behind with “Nocturnal Animals”, starring Jake Gyllenhaal.
And there is already a hum about a out-of-competition charity “The Young Pope”, a 10-part array by HBO revelation a life of illusory Pius XIII, with a cigarette-smoking Jude Law as a initial American pontiff in history.

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