Milan done a Dalai Lama an titular citizen and China isn’t happy

Milan mayor Giuseppe Sala greeted a Dalai Lama during a city’s Linate airport, and a Buddhist personality afterwards met Milan’s Archbishop, Cardinal Angelo Scola, and done a revisit to Milan’s Tibetan centre.

He also spoke to students during a city’s university, before strictly being done a Milanese citizen in a rite during a Teatro degli Arcimboldi, a entertainment and show house.

Officials presented a devout personality with a mystic pivotal to a city and a corkscrew representing Milan’s freedom, internal media reported.

The Dalai Lama’s revisit was met with criticism from China, with a Beijing supervision announcing during a press discussion on Thursday: “We are strongly opposite [the Dalai Lama having] any hit or meetings with officials of other countries.” 

The 80-year-old priest is now on a debate of Europe and visited a Czech Republic and Slovakia progressing this week.

Rome’s Chinese embassy pronounced in a matter that a devise to honour a Dalai Lama “has severely bleeding a feelings of a Chinese people” and would have a “negative impact” on Chinese-Italian relations.

round 100 members of a Chinese village protested on a streets on Thursday, fluttering Italian and Chinese flags.

When asked about a demonstrations, a 1989 Nobel Peace Prize Winner pronounced that Chinese embassies mostly orderly protests opposite him, and that some protesters didn’t know what they were protesting about.

“At times, it seems like we means problems wherever we go,” a devout personality joked.

Relations between China and a Dalai Lama are tense; while a latter says he merely wants his homeland, Tibet, to have some-more leisure underneath Chinese rule, Beijing claims he encourages separatism.

In an talk with Italian daily La Repubblica, a Dalai Lama described a climate in Tibet as “extremely repressive, characterized by a consistent control of Tibetans, who are denied many simple tellurian rights.”

This was a Dalai Lama’s fourth revisit to Milan, and he also visited Italy in 2014 for a limit of Nobel Peace Prize laureates, hold in Rome.

On that occasion, a eventuality had to be changed from Cape Town, where it had creatively been scheduled to take place, after a South African supervision unsuccessful to emanate a visa to a Dalai Lama

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