Obama Holds Press Conference After Pentagon Meeting On ISIS Strategy


President Obama spoke to a press this afternoon during a Pentagon usually forward of his two-week summer mangle in Martha’s Vineyard. NPR’s Scott Detrow was listening in, and he joins us now. Hey there, Scott.


CORNISH: So a boss was during a Pentagon currently to speak with his advisers about a Islamic State. And apparently this summer we’ve seen a fibre of high-profile apprehension attacks that in some cases have been related behind to a group. What did President Obama have to contend about a standing of that fight?

DETROW: Well, a boss pronounced we’re creation progress, and he went into kind of a washing list of troops engagements with ISIS and talked about how many belligerent ISIS has mislaid within Syria and Iraq. The boss pronounced there have been thousands of atmosphere attacks opposite a group. And he did acknowledge, though, that as that’s happened, ISIS has been on a offense as good via a Middle East, via Europe. President Obama spoke about ISIS with a other acronym, ISIL.


PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: So we’ve seen terrible bombings in Iraq and in Jordan and Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Afghanistan, attacks on an Istanbul airport, a grill in Bangladesh, Bastille Day celebrations in a church in France and a song festival in Germany.

DETROW: You know, that’s a unequivocally prolonged list of attacks, and that’s a problem here. The boss concurred that these attacks are really tough to stop. And it’s tough to feel like a lot of swell is being done when so many people all around a universe are so on edge.

CORNISH: Now, a boss also took questions about this $400 million remuneration to Iran. It’s partial of a authorised allotment with that country. It flush in news reports this week, been talked about on a debate trail. What did he have to say?

DETROW: That’s right – a idea there that this was some kind of form of release since some American hostages in Iran were expelled around a same time. President Obama was really defensive about this, and we could hear that in a tinge of his voice.


OBAMA: We announced these payments in Jan many months ago. There wasn’t a secret.

DETROW: The boss pronounced that a usually news here is that it was a income remuneration of $400 million. And he pronounced a reason for that is since a United States usually doesn’t have a banking attribute with Iran right now. They couldn’t handle a money.

CORNISH: Now another emanate people have been concerned about – intensity new cases of Zika appearing in a U.S. Did a boss hold on that issue?

DETROW: He did. There’s one area in Miami where – been about 15 cases so far. President Obama pronounced this was presaging – likely and predictable. He pronounced health officials are operative on this, and afterwards he reiterated not to be disturbed about a large-scale conflict like we’ve seen in Brazil or Puerto Rico. He says it’s usually opposite here.

But a boss did reprimand Congress for not appropriation Zika things more. He – Congress left for a summer mangle but flitting a bill, and President Obama urged people to call their internal deputy and voice their complaints about that.

CORNISH: Now, a Obama family is headed to Martha’s Vineyard on Saturday, and somehow people eked some news out of that as good (laughter). What happened?

DETROW: They did. You know, one thing about being boss is that each aspect of your summer vacation is informative (ph). And Sasha Obama has a summer job, and that was in a news. You know, Malia Obama had a high-profile internship with HBO a integrate of summers ago. Sasha’s pursuit – a small some-more like a pursuit we and we substantially had in a summer. She’s operative during a takeout window of a seafood corner called Nancy’s. The thing with that, though, is that distinct many people’s summer job, there’s about a half dozen Secret Service agents sneaking there (laughter) as good as she’s holding orders.

CORNISH: Very secure clam strips on a way…

DETROW: That’s right (laughter).

CORNISH: …At Nancy’s. Scott Detrow, interjection so many for articulate with us.

DETROW: Thank you.

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