Olympic Refugee Team comes together for Rio 2016 Summer Games

IOC boss Bach poses with a interloper group © IOC Ian Jones

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(SFC) As a Rio 2016 Olympics pull near, teams representing
over 200 territories and countries will be competing on a tellurian stage. These
Olympics will be singular as for a initial time ever, a International Olympic Committee
(IOC) has set adult a group that will paint millions of people with no country.

The Refugee Olympic Team will embody refugees from
repressive regimes or unsuccessful states that have unsuccessful to strengthen their citizens.
The group will embody 10 athletes from Ethiopia, South Sedan, Syria, and the
Democratic Republic of Congo. All these athletes have had to overcome
tremendous obstacles to be means to contest in Rio.

“I used to sight and was watchful for a fight to finish in my
country so we could go behind to participating,” voiced Swimmer and refugee
team member, Rami Anis.

Rami had to rush his home of Aleppo in 2011 and was only
able to take a tiny bag of garments with him. His passion for swimming never

The IOC has given refugees a joined dwindle to contest under
and a voice. They can uncover a universe what they have had to overcome to compete
and concede them to gleam a light of a misapplication they have faced. The Refugee
Olympic Team reminds a universe of a suggestion of amiability and showcases the
Olympic ideal. Refugees from around a universe can find hope, determination, and
courage on a joined front.  

Judo Olympian and interloper group member from Congo, Popole Misenga stated, “We’re fighting for all
the refugees in a world…I’m not unhappy that I’m not going to lift a dwindle of
my country. we will lift a dwindle of many countries.”

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