Outcry in Italy over Swiss opinion to anathema unfamiliar workers

The text, entitled “Ours first”, was put to a renouned opinion by a populist worried Swiss People’s Party (SVP), and was accepted on Sunday by 58 percent of voters in a Italian-speaking region, that borders Italy.

The content calls for changing a Ticino structure to outline that when possibilities for a pursuit have a same veteran qualifications, employers should prioritize those vital in a canton over those vital abroad, in a bid to quarrel “wage dumping” and unemployment.

Roberto Maroni, who heads Italy’s northern Lombardy segment and who is a member of a Lega Nord regionalist party, spoke out on amicable media, observant he supposed a outcome of a Ticino renouned vote, though vowed to start on Monday study “adequate counter-measures”.

On Sunday evening, Italian Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni stressed on Twitter that a referendum would have no evident unsentimental implications.

But he warned that “without leisure of transformation of people, Swiss-EU family will be during risk.”

In a run-up to a vote, SVP argued that a beginning directed to find a resolution for a Ticino work marketplace while watchful for measures during a sovereign turn to flog in.

Of a 200,000 positions in Ticino, 63,000 are currently hold by cross-border workers, according to Swiss open broadcaster RTS.

Unemployment duration stood during 3.2 percent in Ticino in August, compared to 3.1 percent for Switzerland overall, according to statistics from a Swiss economy ministry.

Following Sunday’s vote, Ticino authorities cautioned that it would be formidable to request a content voted by due to “a harmonization problem generally in propinquity to a sovereign laws, that a canton is thankful to respect.”

Swiss media also stressed Monday that for Ticino to change a constitution, a canton would need a immature light from Bern, something that is distant from assured.

The Swiss supervision could not be reached immediately for comment, though is doubtful to demeanour pleasantly during a Ticino vote, as it struggles to correct tattered family with a EU.

Bern has for months been perplexing to figure out how to request a preference voted by during a inhabitant turn in Feb 2014 that would dramatically quell immigration from a block.

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