Pope cars auctioned off to assistance Syrian refugees

The Polish section of a Catholic gift Caritas is auctioning off a 3 vehicles used by a pontiff in July, with online behest to continue until Oct 9th.

“In suitability with a wishes of Pope Francis, a increase will go towards a squeeze of a mobile hospital for treating Syrian refugees in Lebanon,” Agnieszka Homan of Caritas Poland told AFP.

The navy blue VW Golf cars with looseness plates “KI POPE”, “K2 POPE” and “K3 POPE” all come with certificates detailing a routes trafficked by a pontiff in any vehicle.

Generating a many hum so distant – and a bid of 40,100 zloty (9,300 euros, $10,500) – is a automobile Francis borrowed to transport from a southern city of Krakow to a circuitously Jasna Gora monastery.

Located in Czestochowa, a nunnery is home to a Black Madonna, an ancient Catholic idol of a Virgin Mary that is believed to work miracles.

Francis used a other cars to transport around Krakow and revisit a former Nazi German genocide stay Auschwitz.

The Catholic girl spectacular in late Jul drew hundreds of thousands of true from opposite a creation to Poland, where a pope championed a rights of migrants and refugees.

We “embrace with sole adore a brothers and sisters from Syria who have fled from a war,” Francis had told a entertaining throng during a festival.

Officially, Poland’s worried supervision has been staunchly against to usurpation refugees since of confidence concerns – a perspective common by a poignant apportionment of a ethnically homogenous race of 38 million people.

Caritas Poland has already sole off several of a gifts perceived by a pope during World Youth Day, including a span of boots for 28,000 zloty.

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