Pope Francis: Teaching gender speculation is indoctrination

“It is one thing to have homosexual tendencies or a sex change,” a pope pronounced in comments to reporters done on house a pope craft after he wrapped adult a three-day debate in a Caucasus and headed home to Rome.

“But it is another thing to learn it in schools.”

Trying to “change attitudes” like this is “ideological colonization,” a pope said, building on comments he done on Saturday in Tbilisi, when he argued that gender speculation was partial of a “global war” on normal family values and marriage.

Gender speculation is, broadly speaking, a thought that while people might be biologically masculine or female, they might select to brand as masculine or womanlike – or both or neither.

When asked about his opinion to homosexual or transsexual people, Pope Francis steady his call that they should be welcomed, supposed and integrated into multitude as most as possible.

“I accompanied people with these tendencies, with homosexual practices, we brought them closer to a Lord,” he said.

“Some were not means (to follow a church’s teachings), though we never deserted one of them,” he said.

The pontiff, who took a pope name Francis in loyalty to Saint Francis of Assisi, a Christian brother clinging to a downtrodden, told reporters about a Spanish chairman who had a sex change to turn a male and afterwards married a woman.

A internal clergyman told a integrate they would “go to hell”, that caused them good suffering, though after they wrote to Francis, a pope perceived them and treated them with dignity, he said.

“Life is life, and things should be taken as they come,” a pope said. “Please don’t write that a pope will hallow transsexuals. we can see a front pages of papers now,” he added.

“It is a dignified question, and it contingency be resolved as best as possible, always with a forgiveness of God.”

Earlier in his papacy, Francis famously pronounced “who am we to judge?” about homosexuality though in Apr this year refused to commend same sex couples in new Church discipline on family life.

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