Pope in warn revisit to ex-prostitutes

The Argentine, who has regularly described a tellurian trafficking behind most harlotry as “a crime opposite humanity”, sat down with a group, including 4 women from Albania, 7 from Nigeria and 6 from Romania.

The other 3 hailed from Italy, Tunisia and a Ukraine, according to a Vatican statement. The women, all aged around 30, are being easeful by a Catholic organisation in an unit in a Italian collateral after being discovered from their pimps.

The 79-year aged listened for over an hour to a stories of a former sex slaves, “all of whom suffered critical earthy abuse and live underneath protection,” a Vatican said.

The revisit fell underneath what have been termed Francis’s “Fridays of Mercy”, whereby he carries out one unscheduled act of forgiveness a month on a Friday — especially in or nearby Rome — via a pope’s Jubilee year, that started in Dec and runs to November.

In January, he visited a caring home for a aged and people in a vegetative state, while in Feb he went to a village for drug addicts. In Mar he toured a interloper centre before visiting haven seekers on a Greek island of Lesbos in April.

The pontiff afterwards spent time with a severely mentally ill in May before visiting aged and ill priests in Jun and dedicating his Jul “Friday of Mercy” to ill children in Krakow after praying for a victims of a Holocaust during a Auschwitz-Birkenau Nazi genocide camp.

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