Refugee kids done to use apart toilets during Italian school

Two families had even eliminated their children to another propagandize after training of a attainment of a migrant children, counsel Maria Antonella Taccori, who acts as a defender for one of a boys, told The Local.

Parents had protested after a dual boys, aged 9 and 11, assimilated a private Our Lady of Mercy propagandize in Cagliari.

Both boys are orphans who arrived in Sardinia final summer after being discovered during an attempted channel of a Mediterranean Sea. They are vital with horde families on a island, with lawyers (Taccori and Marina Bardanzellu) behaving as their authorised guardians, as is a customary procession for unparalleled minors.

“There was displeasure and influence among a minority of a relatives and – it’s hapless yet it’s a law – among a children too, some of whom refused to use a same toilet as a new children,” pronounced Taccori.

Teachers during a propagandize allocated one of a toilets of a fifth category to a dual new boys only, while a other was to be used by a Italian students, as a ‘precautionary’ magnitude dictated to assuage parents. When contacted by The Local, a propagandize secretary pronounced that a school’s staff were not giving interviews to a media.

When they listened about a segregation, Bardanzellu and Taccori called a assembly with a relatives of a boys’ classmates to explain they did not poise any health risk. All migrants who arrive on Italian shores immediately bear health checks, and both boys had medical certificates from Italy’s open health management (ASL).

“It was really a box of misinformation, yet also influence – during a initial meeting, even yet we gave all a information; a children’s stories, medical certificates and so on, some relatives still didn’t trust us. We reassured them yet a displeasure continued to show,” Taccori explained, and even after a second assembly with relatives of all children during a school, a minority continued to complain.

“They claimed they should have been told before a children assimilated a school, yet because should they be sensitive usually when unfamiliar children join? The propagandize is open to everyone. It’s a problem of acceptance,” explained a lawyer.

However, while some relatives were unfortunate during a enrollment of a dual boys, others were endangered by a teachers’ reaction. “This is loyal injustice – it seems like Apartheid is back,” one mom with children during a propagandize told La Stampa. “We wish a children to be prepared about acceptance.”

Taccori pronounced that after a meetings, there has been some-more honesty in a school, and a students are being some-more welcoming to their new classmates, who are now means to use a same toilets as everybody else.

“The conditions is improving each day,” pronounced Taccori, clearly unapproachable of a boys. “The teachers have been really welcoming and a boys are really intelligent, they’re starting to pronounce Italian and they’re always smiling.”



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