Remains of ‘up to 6 bodies’ detected in Sicilian cave

The stays could go to adult to 6 opposite people, and garments and women’s boots were also found, La Repubblica di Palermo said.

Police reportedly done a gruesome find in a Casalotto district of Roccamena, a tiny city southwest of Palermo. The cavern is formidable to entrance and a area has not been entirely examined, though has been sealed off by police.

Local military and debate investigators are investigating, while towering rescue teams were also aiding with recuperating a remains. Investigators do not nonetheless know for certain if a stays are tellurian bones, or who they could go to.

The review is being conducted by Palermo’s open prosecutor’s office, led by prosecutor Francesco Lo Voi, internal media reported, after they allegedly perceived a spill from a “confidential source”.

The fact that it is being mutual by a anti-mafia bend of a bureau – and a plcae of a skeleton – has led many internal and inhabitant dailies to report a cavern as a “mafia cemetery”.

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