Renzi: UK won’t get special diagnosis post-Brexit

Renzi also told a BBC that he blamed Britain’s former premier David Cameron for June’s opinion to leave a European Union.

His comments are a latest from a European personality to prominence a tough position Britain is expected to face in Brexit negotiations when it triggers Article 50, a two-year routine for leaving.

“It will be unfit to give to British people some-more rights than other people out of a EU,” Renzi said, vocalization in English.

“When David Cameron motionless to use a referendum to solve some inner problem in a Conservative party, this was a problem,” he combined in an English-language talk with a BBC.

Cameron quit as primary apportion hours after Britain’s startle referendum opinion in Jun to leave a EU, carrying led a unsuccessful debate to sojourn in a bloc.

He was seen as carrying called a opinion in a bid to assuage eurosceptic Conservatives and branch a arise of a anti-EU UK Independence Party.

Renzi combined that a opinion to leave a EU was “a bad decision” though a outcome should be respected.

International Trade Minister Liam Fox duration pronounced Britain’s trade with EU members after Brexit should be “at slightest as free” as it is now.

“Protectionism never indeed helps anybody during all and as we pierce into a post-Brexit arena, we wish it to be as giveaway and as open as possible,” he said.

“And don’t only demeanour during it from a UK perspective, a European Union has a large over-abundance in products with a UK. Who does it mistreat some-more if we finish adult in a new tariff environment? Does it mistreat some-more those who sell some-more to a UK, or a UK?” he added.

“It’s in everybody’s interests that, as we pierce forward, that we have during slightest as giveaway a trade sourroundings as we have today,” he said, warning that tariffs “will mistreat a people of Europe”.


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