Sicilian open zone workers skipped work for massages and basketball

A sum of 59 employees of a city authorities in Milazzo, one of Sicily’s vital cities, were found to be withdrawal a bureau after clocking in, in sequence to commence personal errands, Il Corriere reported.

The assign pronounced that a workers would also time in for absent colleagues regulating their appropriate cards, definition some weren’t benefaction for their whole shift. The review had been underway for several months, with Italy’s financial military tracking a clock-dodgers regulating 5 dark cameras.

Some employees were also followed after betimes withdrawal a office, permitting investigators to build adult a design of what they were doing instead of work.

One of a employees used a time to manager a basketball team, while others were celebrated selling or going for coastal walks.

Another spent whole shifts during a internal bar, while one – whose pursuit enclosed shortcoming for disciplinary record – was speckled removing a massage during operative hours.

The review was led by a open prosecutor’s bureau of Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto, a city in circuitously Messina. Investigators resolved that a “widespread and repeated” irregularities they available were homogeneous to 1,000 hours of undue absences.

The decider in assign of a rough investigations, Fabio Gugliotta, has systematic a 59 to news to a legal police, and a city’s mayor, Giovanni Formica, said: “We will be resistant with those who have committed crimes.”

As good as confronting rapist trials, workers who can't infer their ignorance could face losing their jobs and might also have to compensate indemnification to a municipality both for a income mislaid and a outcome on open image, following a set of new laws to fight absenteeism that were brought in progressing this year.

The absenteeism phenomenon

The problem of time time dodgers strike a front pages in Oct final year after 35 people were arrested in San Remo in northwest Italy and 195 people were placed underneath review for absenteeism.

Numerous stories of absenteeism have done headlines in Italy ever since, while a supervision has vowed to moment down on a phenomenon.

In another Sicilian town, open zone workers were found to be skipping work 40 percent of a time, and in Rome, 9 museum workers skipped work to go to a internal betting shop.

In June, a Italian cupboard upheld a law creation it easier to pouch work-shy open zone staff, heading Prime Minister Matteo Renzi to announce that a “good times were over” for time time cheats.

Employers who select to spin a blind eye to a time-stamp swindlers risk disciplinary movement too underneath a new laws.

But a problem was not to be solved so easily, as valid by a box of some dynamic time cheats in southern Italy, who grew correct to a dark cameras and wore card boxes over their heads to hedge identification.

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