Sicilian time cheats skipped work for shopping

One month, a rate of absenteeism shot adult to 85 percent, financial military said.

Investigators celebrated 6,800 hours of video footage and information from GPS inclination commissioned in employees’ cars – that suggested that workers during a internal government in Siracusa, Sicily were clocking in to work and afterwards withdrawal to do some-more resting tasks.

Hidden notice cameras were also used to lane a workers; some of a footage expelled by military can be seen in a video below.

The information showed employees returning home after stuffing in their time-sheet, as good as throwing adult on personal tasks such as visiting a alloy or open offices, and gardening – infrequently for payment, Il Corriere reported. Shopping was a quite renouned choice to work, with workers celebrated during a internal markets and selling centres.

The review began in Jan 2015 and will be one of a initial times Italy’s new, worse laws opposite absenteeism will be put into practice.

“29 employees held in a act in Siracusa. The #RiformaPa will be applied: fast stop of contracts, underneath a watch of honest employees,” Marianna Madia, Italy’s Minister for Simplification and Public Administration, announced on Twitter on Wednesday.

Those who have been held intrigue a timesheet complement will be charged with fraud, while others are also underneath review for stuffing in time-stamps for absent colleagues.

The new laws to tackle a materialisation of absenteeism were brought in in July, following supervision information that suggested that usually a little suit of those found guilty of intrigue remove their jobs. As good as enormous down on absent employees, a laws enclosed clauses targeting employers who concede a practice.

In 2013, only 219 employees who had skipped work were dismissed out of scarcely 7,000 cases.

Italy’s widespread problem of time time dodgers strike a front pages in Oct final year after 35 people were arrested in San Remo in a northwest of a nation and 195 people were placed underneath review for absenteeism.

Traffic patrolman Alberto Muraglia, 53, who lived in a same building he works in, was personally filmed by financial military as he clocked in in his underwear before apparently going behind to bed. His mother was also filmed clocking in some days on his behalf, in her nightie. Others were held on camera clocking in and afterwards going canoeing, selling or out with friends.

In January, 9 staff during a museum in Rome were dangling after being held shop-lifting a time government system, some of them going to a betting emporium on a clock.

In late July,  an Italian policeman was placed underneath residence arrest after he was held clocking-in before going fishing with friends. While a new laws seem to have been effective in bringing such cases to light, in Naples dual open zone workers underneath review for rascal were filmed with card boxes on their heads while clocking in, in an apparent try to equivocate being caught.

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