Spanish ‘La Mafia’ restaurants criminialized after Italian complaint

The Italian supervision had called for a name to be altered following an review by La Repubblica newspaper, though a requests were deserted by a grill and Spanish authorities.

Earlier this year authorities pronounced the word “mafia” was now so widely used opposite a universe that it did not indispensably describe to a Italian rapist organization.

The Office of Brands and Design, partial of a European Union’s Office for Intellectual Property, has now reportedly supposed Italy’s censure about a use of ‘mafia’ in a code name, forcing a eateries to change their name.

The news came from Italian farmers’ organization Coldiretti on Thursday, that has campaigned for years opposite a use of a word ‘mafia’ in code names.

“Unfortunately a box is not isolated, and all over a universe from Mexico to Sharm El Sheikh, there are ‘Cosa Nostra’ restaurants and pizzerias,” Coldiretti noted.

“The EU contingency now stop a blurb use of an barbarous ‘brand’, that exploits stereotypes of mafia organizations, oversimplifying and roughly normalizing it. This materialisation has brought pain and grief via Italy,” pronounced Coldiretti’s president, Roberto Moncalvo.

“Adding insult to injury, as good as a grave repairs to image, this is also an mercantile exploitation of a ‘Made in Italy’ label. Counterfeiting and equivocating Italian food is an attention that has now exceeded €60 million and has cost Italy 300,000 jobs, according to a Coldiretti analysis.”

‘Lots of marketing, few scruples’

The La Mafia sequence had been a singular success story during Spain’s mercantile crisis,  growing usually given opening in 2000. Its full name is “La Mafia se sienta a la mesa” or ‘ The mafia sits during a table’, and a grill facilities cinema and taste desirous by a Italian crime syndicate.

It already has 39 restaurants opposite Spain and is about to open dual some-more in a Canary Islands.

One of Italy’s tip writers on orderly crime, Attilio Bolzoni, visited dual La Mafia eateries in Spain behind in 2013, aiming to examine a success of a business with “a lot of selling and few scruples”.

“In times of crisis, we are growing,” a firm’s open family manager Pablo Martínez told a Italian publisher during a time.”We didn’t emanate a name, we only use it.”

Martínez stressed that images of assault were taboo in a firm’s restaurants and that a indication was a mafia of a movies, such as The Godfather.

“We apologize to those Italians who feel annoyed (by a name) though that’s not a intention.”

The essay caused an evident greeting in Italy.

Marco Anzaldi, an MP with Italy’s Democratic Party, called for an central censure to be lodged, and following an interest from Sicilian MP Claudio Fava, whose possess father was killed by Cosa Nostra, a Sicilian mafia, a Italian supervision requested that a controversially named Spanish eatery possibly change a name or be forced to close.

Italy’s anti-mafia commission, a Italian Embassy in Madrid and Coldiretti corroborated a call.

The grill sequence has nonetheless to make a matter on a EU ruling.

In Aug 2013, a a Sicilian politician and anti-mafia commissioner lambasted restaurants in Denmark for fixing pizzas and sandwiches after a scandalous crime squad after stumbling opposite an Al Capone pizza in Copenhagen.

He pronounced a dishes “exploited a misfortune stereotypes about southern Italy and criminals”.

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