Spanish newlywed named as plant in Italy earthquake

The 27-year-old was reliable yesterday as a usually Spaniard among a 267 people so distant famous to have mislaid their lives in a 6.2 magnitude trembler that struck during 3.36am on Wednesday.

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The immature Spanish lady had usually recently married her Italian beloved of 7 years, Christian Casini, and a span had taken a month off to revisit his family in Italy.

Together they ran a pizzeria in Granada and had usually usually bought a prosaic nearby. They were usually embarking on married life together when tragedy struck.

At a time that a trembler struck Ana was reportedly on a belligerent building of her in-laws home with 4 other women while a group of a family were sleeping upstairs.

All 5 women are all reported to have died when a residence collapsed while a group survived, including Ana’s father who transient a disadvantage with usually light injuries.

The city of Viznar in Granada range where Ana’s relatives live have announced dual days of central mourning, while a relatives themselves have trafficked to Rome to collect their daughter’s stays and move her behind for burial.

Nicolás Espigares, Ana’s uncle and a orator for a family told a internal journal Ideal that a Spanish authorities had refused to compensate for her repatriation.

“The embassy (in Rome) has treated us really good and are assisting us with a red tape, though a losses contingency be borne by a family. This doesn’t seem right,” he said.

The Spanish Foreign Ministry website states that repatriation costs would usually be paid by a supervision in “exceptional circumstances”.

“But isn’t this a case?” commented a family spokesman.

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