Vatican fires Mallorca bishop over event with secretary

Javier Salinas Viñals, 68. who was allocated as bishop to a Balearic islands in 2013, was reported to a Vatican by a ex-husband of his former secretary who claimed a pontiff had been carrying a long-standing event with his wife.

The liaison erupted final Dec when a dossier was presented to Vatican authorities containing a supposed justification collected by a private detective.

The censure supposed that a bishop had been conducting an event with his secretary that had led to a break-up of her marriage.

It enclosed photographs of a span together as good as testimony from witnesses and phone bills that supposed to uncover a Bishop had done lengthly late night calls to “his mistress”.

It also claimed that a span had exchanged rings.

The Bishop certified that he had a tighten loyalty with a lady in doubt though insisted there was “no amatory relationship” and pronounced a rings had been exchanged as a gesticulate within a request group.

He had appealed to a Vatican to stay in his post as bishop though this week was private from a purpose and will instead be eliminated to a archdiocese of Valencia as an “apostolic administrator”.

The Vatican reliable usually that Salinas would be holding adult a new purpose in Valencia in a circular published on Thursday but citing reasons and pronounced that Sebastià Taltavull Anglada, now auxillary bishop in Barcelona would turn a new bishop of Mallorca.

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